What is accommodation?

Accommodation is the ability of the eye to change in such a way as to
allow us to see things up close without the need for glasses.

When we look at something up close 3 things happen:

1.  Our eyes converge meaning our eyes move towards the nose. This
allows both eyes to be directed towards the near object that we are trying
to focus on. The ability to do this does not change throughout life.

2.  Our pupils become smaller which cuts out glare while we are trying to
focus up close. This too does not change throughout life.

3.  The tiny muscles surrounding the lens inside of the eye allow the lens
to become more round (or more plus) allowing light to be focused
properly on the back of the eye. If the lens does not "round up" the light
entering the eye will not be properly focused on the retina and a blurry
image will be formed. This inability of the lens to "round up" is part of the
normal aging process and is referred to as
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